Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (equivalent to a NZQA Level 4 Qualification)

Canterbury College’s TESOL introductory English Language Teaching Course is for people who want to teach English.  The course is practical in nature, and gives students the skills and knowledge needed to become English teachers. It is also ideal for non-native English speaking teachers who would like to improve their skill and knowledge.  This is a very practical course.

The TESOL Course will enable student teachers to:

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills to plan and deliver classes to groups of learners
  • Access employment opportunities in English language teaching more readily
  • Observe experienced tutors as they teach real classes
  • Teach learners across a range of levels
  • Know where, and how to access English language teaching resources, materials and networks world wide

Canterbury College offers the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) to interested candidates which tests the students’ knowledge about teaching English to speakers of other languages.


This knowledge includes:

  • Background to Language teaching
  • Language Use
  • Practice of Language Teaching and Learning


The TKT test is simple to administer and formatted in an objective way.  TKT is an important pathway for students who wish to further their professional development as teachers, and to access higher-level teaching qualifications.

Key Information

  • Course length – 5 weeks
  •  Start dates –
  • English Level – intermediate to advanced (minimum 4.5 IELTS)