Student Services

All Canterbury College students are to be treated with respect as individuals and as members of different cultures and backgrounds. Canterbury College recognises that different individuals have different needs, and will be supportive in the course of their learning process, both academically and otherwise.

We offer a range of support services to students, including:

Personalised Academic Support Our Academic team can provide advice to help you meet your study goals.

Accommodation Assistance We offer a homestay service and can help you to find a flat or flatmate.

First language support First language support staff available who can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages.

Airport Pickup If you’re studying at Canterbury College, we can arrange a pickup for you from the airport to your accommodation.

Internet / Wifi

SIM card assistance

Student ID Card 

CV writing / Job Search / Interview techniques / IRD Number Assistance in preparing quality CVs, job sites where vacancies are advertised and advice on preparing for job interviews.

Activities + Trips