Pre-Test Approved Test for IELTS

Pre Test

Canterbury College is honoured to assist Cambridge ESOL with the pre-testing process for IELTS exams.


“Pre-testing is a vital element in Cambridge ESOL’s examination development process. In order to ensure tests are fair and at the appropriate difficulty level, we ask students around the world to take part in trials of exam material in simulated test conditions”.

– Cambridge Examination Board

Pretests give students the opportunity to practise taking a Cambridge ESOL exam. The Pretests use genuine questions under exam conditions.

It is best if students take Pretests about six to eight weeks before their real test. This means that they are nearly ready for the exam, and so are at the right level. It also means that teachers will get the scores back in time to focus on any particular language areas in need of practice.

Pretest papers are marked in Cambridge, and scores are returned to schools within three weeks. Writing scores and reports may take a little longer as they are sent out to examiners.

Students take pretests under exam conditions: pretest centres simulate the exam, so students not only experience the kind of questions they will face in their live exam, but also complete answer sheets in a ‘test-like’ environment.