Post-Arrival Checklist

  1. Bring original immigration documents and your passport when you meet with the Enrolment Officer. They will be photocopied and returned to you on the same day.
  2. Attend International student orientation and work with staff to understand each item on the orientation checklist.
  3. By Law, any student visa holder must have medical insurance that covers their time studying in, and travelling to and from New Zealand.
  4. Banking: In New Zealand, most people use EFTPOS or credit cards rather than cash because it is easier and safer. It is best to open an account at a bank so that money can be taken out of the account when needed.
  5. Transferring funds from your home country: Full-service banks with international banking capabilities sell international money orders and receive deposits from banks outside of New Zealand. The best way to transfer funds from your country of origin to New Zealand is by electronic wire transfer directly from bank-to-bank. This method allows immediate credit and use of the money.
  6. Personal Safety: New Zealand is a very safe country. However, international students should be aware of their belongings and be responsible for ensuring their own personal safety.
  7. Transportation: You will find that there are many resources available to you to get around Christchurch.
  8. Pastoral Care Officers: They are available on a confidential basis to assist students with any issues or questions that may arise during their time at Canterbury College such as: Cultural Adjustment, General Health and Wellbeing, Academic Issues, Flatting and Accommodation.
  9. Take time to visit the Useful Information page and visit attractions in Christchurch to get “a feel” of your home for the duration your studies.