Policy for Excellence

Keith Burgess has been teaching at Canterbury College for over 15 years. During his time with the college, he has developed an excellent programme of intensive language training, for students who need to improve their academic English, especially their reading and writing skills.


Due to the success achieved by the teachers trained by him and using Keith’s method to elicit active use of academic vocabulary and to achieve rapid control of all the structures of English, Keith‘s Intensive IELTS courses have become famous within the local Christchurch student community and is fast becoming a favourite among students in Auckland too!


Many international students come from nearby university programmes for a stint at Canterbury College to “fix my English problem” and to “achieve my IELTS score”, and if they can work with Keith‘s high expectations for study habits and behaviour, students almost always achieve their IELTS and skill improvement goals.


The study behaviours Keith requires include critical thinking and active thoughtful  discussion in class, as well as daily review and compulsory fluency tests to prove successful application of previously taught material. There is every opportunity to communicate and gain confidence with oral skills, as well as to take on a lot of new language.