Intensive IELTS Programme

Canterbury College has a truly unique, Intensive IELTS Programme, designed by our Director of Studies, Keith Burgess.  In 2007, Keith published “Activating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS” an Academic English textbook that is the foundation of the programme.

The Intensive academic programme is perfect for students who want to challenge themselves and are really serious about their study.

The Programme:

  1. Improves the students’ fluency and reading/writing ability under pressure; and
  2. Gives personal attention and quality feedback to the students.

The Intensive academic programme is taught by Keith Burgess.

The Key Points of the Programme

The whole course is based on production. In other words, we invite you to speak to the subject when discussing essay topics, when you practise grammar actively and so on. We practice the IELTS interview through the easy steps of keep talking (part one), speaking personally with detail (part two) and addressing the topic directly (part three). A very wide range of language is reviewed and activated which we know is essential for the highest scores.

After practicing the common sense strategies of doing the test, we focus on improving your “ear”. We provide lots of efficient short listening opportunities and full testing.

We are in touch with changing reading formats and different question types from gist questions, to specific, to gap fills (cloze). Reading tests happen regularly and we insist that students are well prepared to gain maximum benefit from teaching time.

We regularly improve a student two whole IELTS-points in writing. We know that true fluency comes from knowledge, so we cover at least 1001 academic words, the second 2,000 words of English with special learning techniques. We study, in a three-month program, all the structures of English whilst actively practicing them.

Course Structure

  • Course length: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Every Monday (unless Monday is a public holiday)
  • Full-time Day class: 20 hours per week
  • Levels: Intermediate to Advanced (2 levels)


Placement and Assessment

IELTS practice tests happen at least once a week.  Practice tests can also be arranged to suit individual requirements.   As the course progresses IELTS tests and coaching for tests will become more frequent.  This ensures familiarity and confidence in your own ability.

We regularly discuss with students about their goals, the progress they are making towards them and any strategic changes needed.