General English

This General English course is for students who want to learn the language and also prepare for academic studies. These courses are designed to improve students’ ability to communicate with clear pronunciation accuracy and fluency in the English Language.

This course has a strong focus on improving communication skills and offers an exciting opportunity for people from around the world to learn everyday English in an English speaking environment and integrating aspects of New Zealand culture.

General English classes at Canterbury College:

  • are taught by experienced, qualified and friendly teachers
  • are suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced)
  • are supportive and focussed on quickly improving your English skills
  • small classes, averaging between 8-10 students in a class
  • leads to a variety of further study options in New Zealand
  • improves English language knowledge and skills
  • will help you to gain confidence in a comfortable environment

Course Outline

To help you to communicate easily, your course:

  • strengthens the four basic skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
  • extends your Vocabulary
  • is communicative, practical and fun
  • introduces you to local culture through activities and project work
  • is taught using a variety of methods, depending on your level
  • encourages you to be an independent learner
  • gives you skills useful for lifelong learning

Course Details

  • Course length: From 2 to 52 weeks
  • Start dates: Every Monday (unless Monday is a public holiday)
  • Full-time Day class: 20 or 23 hours per week
  • Part-Time Evenings: Christchurch only. Please email info@cancan.com to inquire
  • Levels: Beginner to Advanced (6 levels)

Assessment & Placement

On the first day our Director of Studies will interview you and we will give you a placement test, so that we can place you in a class at the right level for you.

During the course, there are weekly tests and a level-check at the end of every 10 weeks.  You will be given regular academic advice throughout the course and receive individual progress reports.  At graduation, you will receive a certificate and, if your course is for 4 weeks or more, a detailed written student report.