CCET – Canterbury College English Test

At Canterbury College you can sit the Canterbury College English Test (CCET).

The CCET is a NZQA-approved test administered by Canterbury College for English language entry requirements for international students instead of IELTs or other international tests to enter tertiary level courses. Read below or contact us at info@cancan.com if you have any questions.

About CCET

The CCET is comprised of two main parts: a written and oral test.

The written test compromises of three parts: speaking, reading and writing. If the CCET is conducted at the Canterbury College campus, the written test will also have a listening section.

The oral test measures a candidate’s listening and speaking skills. It is conducted in the form of an interview, and is very candidate friendly. Candidates are encouraged to relax and talk freely, which in turn allows them to better demonstrate their English ability.

Once the candidate’s test has been marked, it is returned to them promptly, along with comments from the marker. These comments show the candidate their strengths and areas that they need to improve; this is helpful for students who wish to take their English to the next level.

How to sit the CCET test

If you are sitting the CCET overseas, enrolment must be done through one through one of Canterbury College’s recognised education retailers. Please contact info@cancan.com for assistance.

If you are in New Zealand and would like to sit the CCET, please contact us for assistance.

If you are unable to attend at the booked time and date, please reschedule or cancel with at least 24 hours’ notice. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled testing time, your deposit will not be refunded.